When you’re not around to protect your property, you want someone to take as much care as you would. Harbour City Security Limited is the Wellington company that you can trust to look after your assets – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’re not the biggest firm, but because we try harder we are the best.

We’ve been providing security services to the Wellington region since 1985. We consider ourselves to be security experts. We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the latest advances in the security industry and we pride ourselves in having the highest standards and the best quality of service.


  • Our customers always come first
  • We are an owner-operator local business, offering superior personal service
  • The owner of Harbour City Security Limited has 40 years experience in the security industry
  • We can provide all your electronic security solutions – Alarm installation, maintenance, monitoring, routine servicing and camera systems
  • We give you the assurance of Justice Department licensed staff
  • We employ specialist, full time staff – not contractors
  • We provide a 24 hour 7 day help desk. After hours callout technical staff are available for contracted clients
  • Flexible payment terms can be arranged for new installations – with low interest and no penalty for early repayment
  • Remote diagnostic support for most alarm panels during office hours allowing for cost free fixes for some problems
  • Remote PIN code change service available during office hours for most alarm systems for those who choose not to do their own code changes
  • Access to the latest technology and trends
  • Warranty on all work. We will still be here throughout the warranty period and beyond
  • Uncompromised customer service
  • In most cases, we hold the parts for your service job in our vehicles – meaning a return visit is usually not required
  • Our own 24 hour monitoring station, located in Wellington, provides nationwide alarm monitoring and gives you direct personal contact at all times

Phone 04 499 9989 (24 hours)


We regularly receive service request calls from clients saying that their alarm system is beeping, and driving them crazy.

More often than not before we send a technician to investigate we are able to ascertain that the beeping is not actually coming from the alarm system. Some examples of what we have found to be causing the beeps are: battery operated smoke detectors (sometimes not even installed but in cupboards in their packaging), washing machines off balance (unfortunately this was an expensive callout to Upper Hutt), wrist watch batteries going flat – this one has a great story behind it, room fragrance dispensers, DVS systems. Please don’t be surprised if you phone our service line for help with a beeping alarm system and we run though a list of possible causes.

March 2017